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Take advantage of this great offer here:
If you are not familiar with Groupon-it is an amazing site that offers a different deal every day for a large list of cities.
I always check out the other cities as many times they offer an online deal which I can still take advantage off even in Miami.


Here is an other opportunity to get a great deal at Lulu in the Grove if you missed the last one.
Dealtificate is offering a $50 gift certificate for only $20! That is already an amazing deal! However on top of it at Lulu you can use the certificate towards drinks and during Happy Hour. Their Happy Hour features $4 glasses of wine, some appetizers at 1/2 price and other amazing drink specials.
So for this certificate you will be able to have a great meal, several drinks and all for $20.
Another plus is great service and they are very kid-friendly at Lulu.

Is Miami Spice worth the money and the hype?

Would love to read your comments regarding your experiences with this annual event.
For some reason every year I get super excited about Miami Spice and I have brain blockage re what happened the year before.
This year I even read the very in-depth review Miami NewTimes did on which places were worth going. we chose to go to a high end Italian on the Beach which was rated well in the survey.
One of my major issues right of the bat is that the menu we got inside is that different from what we saw online. Drives me insane especially since it was only 2 weeks since the special started.
The portions were tiny, with very little decor or flavor-It is a bad sign when you have to fill up on bread to be full during a 3 course meal…
The saving grace was one of the choice of desserts- 1 was absolutely fantastic while the others were similar to the meal, ok but nothing fantastic.
Then came the bill-$20 for a glass of wine, $8 for water so the bill came to well over $150 for 2.
I want to hear about your experiences, good and bad with the menu.

Well it has been a long time since I posted-the blog went to the wayside as life just got too complicated. But I have something to say and share and I am back to do just that-to show you you can have a luxe life-on any budget!


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