If I were stranded on an island I would take mascara with me…seriously. I am blonde which means so are my eyebrows and eyelashes. In younger years I sometimes forgot Mascara in the morning which caused coworkers to ask me if I was sick…it is NOT a pretty sight!

So over the years I have learned my lesson and now the first thing I do in morning after brushing my teeth is put on mascara. So you can imagine the incredible amount of different brands and formulas of mascara I have tried from the drugstore darlings to the department store divas. I have a similar rating to Good Housekeeping and most mascaras end up with poor or fair ratings. Only a few have ever gotten excellent-I think the count is at 3 right now from all the years of trials. If I think about the sheer amount of money I have spent on mascara over the years I cringe…

For a long time I stuck to the Dior Show mascara-It did and does an excellent job but is a little on the pricier side and I do try to find products that are a little “greener”. I was thrilled to try some natural brands but was severely disappointed with the clumpy messes I got.

Then came along Buxom from Bare Escentuals-yes the same brand you see on the infomercials famous for the Bare Minerals. To say I was skeptical was to say the least. Although I had tried the Buxom lipgloss and was very pleasantly surprised (still my favorite gloss out there). But the box was gorgeously shiny silver and it promised antioxidants so I forked over my $18.

And I was floored! This was no ordinary mascara-but rather a miracle. The brush itself had a special hourglass shape that got the inner and outer lashes and the formula glided on making the lashes luscious and gorgeous.

Well I have been truly hooked since I first discovered this gem and I think my mascara trials (and woes) are over. This is really an exceptional mascara and the best part is that without knowing it I bought a “green” mascara. It is formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and dyes or phalates.

I am NOT switching again and if they discontinue it I will be the crazy person buying up every last tube on ebay.

The Buxom mascara is exclusively at Sephora stores and online.