Well as I mentioned we switched to the Bugaboo seat instead of the Bassinet early-Kat is only 4 months but we thought we would try it. And she loves it!! She can now still be partially reclined while seeing the world and that is her favorite thing right now. She is still a little small for the 5 point harness but since she is still reclining I don’t see a problem with that.

Using the bassinet also gives much better access to the underseat storage bag.

I have to say again -I LOVE my bugaboo-that is by far one of the best investments we made for our baby. There are several other items we can not live without and I will let you know about these in the coming days.

So bottom line even though the Bugaboo is expensive it is very much worth it. I would strongly urge any mother/father to be to really take a look at it and do search ebay and craigslist as you can find them up to half off as I did.