We have a Bugaboo Cameleon which I absolutely love! Got a great deal on it on ebay (half off and barely used) as I would not have been allowed to spend $900 on a new one. Kat really loves the bassinet part and can be pretty happy in there for a few hours when we go out as well as nap in there.

But it is VERY big to lug around…we have to take the bassinet off the base and then store both in the car which basically means the trunk is totally gone.

She is only 4 months old but very tall(she was 25 inches at 3 months and has grown quite a bit since then). So we decided to go ahead today and make the switch to the Bugaboo Seat instead. We tried it out today when we went to Lincoln Rd and she seems to really like it as she can also see the world. But she looks so tiny in it and all the straps are quite big. So I am not sure if we will keep with the seat for now or go back to the bassinet. Bugaboo suggests an age of 6 months and 28 inches height to use the seat but it is so much more convenient and with the 2 different reclining positions it offers I think we are ok to stick with it.

Think I will ask the Pediatrician when we go for her 4 month check up on Tuesday and see what she says. I am hoping she gives the thumbs up as it will make life much easier. But I am sure Kat will miss her naps in the bassinet!