I am excited to start blogging. My friends have told me for  a long time that I am the “Coupon Queen” and always know about the bargains…but mind you not the 3 for a $1 bargains-I make it my goal to know how to get high end items (and lookalikes) at prices that I can afford. I shop Sample Sales, Clearance Sales and other great opportunities to fuel my addiction to clothes, shoes, bags, beauty products and since the birth of my daughter all matter of gorgeous things for her. My husband also likes his brands so I keep up with those as well.

So I thought I would take an opportunity to write about the great products we use, the great deals I use to buy them and other items relating to fashion, beauty, shoes, bags, babies and cant leave out great things for the home. You will read about great sales, new restaurants with great deals as well as in general brands and products i love and highly recommend.

Please send me any suggestions for other things you would like to read about.