Can I tell you how much I LOVE their products? I am very conscious of the chemicals in most products and especially for my little girl, Katarina or Kat as we call her, I make sure that all the products I use on her are natural, organic and do not contain certain chemicals-more on that topic later.

Now granted some organic or natural products definitely smell funky and do not work worth anything. But there are many out there and more and more coming onto the scene that are absolutely luxe!

California Baby is one of these. Their products work great, smell better, and are good for you, baby and the environment. What could be better!

My favorite is their Bubble Bath which includes a wand for making bubbles (playtime included) and comes in great scents such as Overtired and Cranky, Calming etc.

I also love the Calming Shower Gel that I use on Kat every night. Smells great and she is off in lala land very quickly after her bath.

Now the budget part is that their line is something you would expect to find in boutiques and high end Beauty Stores only but you can find them at most Baby Stores as well as Target, Wholefoods and online at and (often with a discount)

You need very little of this product so it goes a long way. This will definitely change Bath Time with you Baby.